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United States
Current Residence: Palm Bay (Florida)
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic / 50s - 60s various
Favourite photographer: Also too many to list.
Favourite style of art: colorful, creative, cartoony
Operating System: Mac OS X / Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Creative MuVo
Shell of choice: Walnut!
Wallpaper of choice: Colorful stuff, usually fan art of Okami.
Skin of choice: Like, dA skin? Flesh? Help me out here.
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny ;D
Personal Quote: Personal quotes are for unoriginal chumps! ... wait...
But first, some fun.

It was originally about how much of your teen life you messed up, but I'm still a teen, so let's just go with everything in general. =P

[ ] gotten kissed (Only from a family member, and just like a mother's peck on the cheek. Does not count. :3)
[ ] gotten a phone taken away in class (I don't even HAVE a phone.)
[ ] gotten suspended
[ ] gotten caught chewing gum (I'm covert. I know how to fake it. >D)
[ ] gotten caught cheating on a test (Shyeah, like -I- need to cheat.)
Total so far: 0

[ ] arrived late to class more than 5 times
[x] didn't do homework over 5 times (I got really angsty and lazy in middle school.)
[ ] turned at least 3 projects in late. (I loved projects, though.)
[x] missed school just because you felt like it (Lazy in middle school, remember.)
[ ] laughed so loud you got kicked out of class (No, but I coughed so loud from a cold during the FCATs that the teacher pulled me aside to ask about it.)
Total so far: 2

[x] got your mom, dad, etc to get you out of school (Little did they know...)
[ ] text people during class (No phone.)
[ ] passed notes (Like I wanted to talk to those monkeys...)
[ ] threw stuff across the room (No need. But people did that to me a lot.)
[ ] laughed at the teacher (I was not in a laughing mood in public middle school.)
Total so far: 3

[ ] been in a fight at school, fist or verbal (Thought about it before, but no.)
[ ] took pictures during school hours
[ ] called someone during school hours (In the office. I had permission.)
[ ] listened to iPod, CD, etc during school hours (I brought my mp3 player, but didn't have the nerve. ^^;)
[ ] skipped a class period
Total So Far: 3

[ ] threw something at the teacher
[x] went outside the classroom without permission (When I was being pulled out of school that day, I decided to employ some theatrics. Hehe.)
[x] broke the dress code (Only technically, but other people did much worse stuff constantly. I just didn't wear a collared shirt because all mine were dirty. Instead, I was wearing a modest blouse. Other girls wore ultra-micro-mini-skirts, but -I- got pulled aside.)
[x] failed a class (Not my best years of school, I admit. I failed on purpose. Long story, don't ask.)
[ ] ate food during class (¯(°_o)/¯ I don't remember any such thing, aside from kindergarten...)
Total So Far: 6

[ ] gotten a call from school
[ ] couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly
[x] didn't take your stuff to school (Total accident for band class. ^^;)
[ ] given a teacher the finger when they weren't looking (The temptation was strong.)
[ ] curse during class/school (I... can't curse. It feels so wrong.)
total so far: 7

[ ] faked your parents signature (I... don't think so. I think I considered it before, though.)
[x] slept in class (Uh, that was an accident, and I was a total overachiever in elementary school, so no one cared.)
[ ] cursed at your teacher
[ ] copied homework (Too smart for that! >D)
[ ] got in trouble with the principal/the vice principal
total So Far: 8

Multiply by 3
Total: 24%

Huh. Less than I thought it'd be. Not even a third!

Haha, okay, fun's over.


I'm finally on my last test! Web Design final, followed by whatever stupid corrections I'll have to make for the final website project. Yay?

I think I'll learn how to crochet over the break. Maybe make some silly dolls and stuff and sell 'em on the Internet for some extra bucks. Amigurumi stuff looks simple enough... :D

Let's hope I can actually cram in all the WD stuff I need to "know" before I take the test... and that the teacher will be kind and just let me go. I hate that stuff now. >_<
(My studying is actually just a last-minute cram-fest, where I make some wimpy little notes and hope for the best. It's worked pretty good so far, so why bother worrying? Worst that'll happen is I get a B for a final grade. Heh.)

Actual fact: When I'm not going all angsty teen "why even bother?" all over my life, I get straight-As and only rarely do I get a B. Why am I so darn talented? :eyes:
(Haha, kidding, I still think I'm an idiot. Just in different ways.)
  • Listening to: Mungyodance again. :D
  • Reading: I'm all tapped out for good reading again.
  • Playing: Mungyodance. Naturally.
  • Eating: No appetite. ._.
  • Drinking: Lots of water! Some milk if I want variety. ;-;


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